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       Welcome to Acorn manor Yorkshire terriers. If you are looking for a high quality Yorkie for a companion or breeding, you have come to the right place.

       We now breed the very rare colours in the Yorkie. These colours come in mostly all the colours.  Here at Acorn Manor,our signature colour is the platinum blonde parti and the platinum blonde chocolate parti. These dogs are gorgeous and it has taken us many years of thoughtful, dedicated breeding to arrive at these rare colours.

       All of our dogs are D.N.A.'d, we take this extra precaution to make sure that all our dogs  are on record with the A.K.C. and the A.C.A. our two favorite registries. We ask that you take a very close look at our breeding stock and pups, and you will see, they are by far superior to most other breeders dogs. Our bitches that we keep back for breeding are only the finest loving, beautiful, and correct dogs.

       Our work, at perfecting the yorkie never stops, and we think you will agree our hard work shows. We are very proud of our dogs, and in addition to our Champion lines, we constantly re-introduce Champion lines into our breeding stock. This insures that the breed follows the correct standard of what a Yorkie should look like. This year we look forward to adding to our stud force three beautiful dogs. These dogs are from our Wee Lochinvar/ Acorn Manor line. These beautiful traditional Yorkies will add even more colour and refinement to our pups .And of course we are famous for our beautiful coats!

      We welcome visitors that appreciate quality and we encourage breeders to visit us, to see our dogs, and discuss our aspirations and vision for these coloured dogs. We are inspected by the American kennel club inspectors and we are always in full complience with our dogs clubs. Our pups and adults have the best of everything and we take great pleasure in spending a great deal of time with our pups...

    Thanks for reading this, and make sure your next pup is an Acorn Manor baby....They are beautiful and they are some of the best out there. We think you will agree.

Acorn Manor


Phone 910-319-7220
 Wilmington N.Carolina

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